Our jobs and careers are a part of our daily lives. Shift schedules vary, the labor involved differ, and the overall experience we receive sometimes leaves us unhappy. For some, a job is simply that-a job. For others, their career is a tremendous part of their life and plays a vital role in the makeup of who they are. Either way, we find ourselves spending more time in the workplace than we do at our own homes. Our employment and labor law legal representatives ask then, how does one cope when dealing with sexual harassment in their workplace?

Employment Law Attorney in CaliforniaIn the amount of time we find ourselves in the office, one can only hope the environment is conducive to our needs, our colleagues are friendly, and most importantly, the treatment given by our administrators is fair, unbiased, and appropriate. But, did you know that 1 in every 3 women have been sexually harassed in a place of employment?

According to a survey given by the Huffington Post, which was shared on February 19, 2015, it revealed that women between the ages of 18-34 have suffered as a victim of sexual harassment at work. While some cases are minor, such as a sexual comment sent via social media, others reveal a more aggressive approach where a boss or administrator physically makes sexual advances by inappropriately touching their employee. Regardless, whether minor or major, they are both illegal.

Our sexual harassment employment law attorneys in California want you to be informed that just because your boss may have a made a few sexual-related comments, it doesn’t mean they should be over-looked and disregarded. In fact, you may only be adding fuel to the fire because you are ignoring these actions. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious matter, and as the increasing numbers show, there are many forms of it in which you should be aware.

In total, Cosmopolitan surveyed 2,235 full-time and part-time female employees. The study also revealed that out those who were victims of sexual harassment, only 29% went ahead and reported the issue while 71% did not. Just by these figures, it is quite obvious those 71% of women may have either shrugged off the issue to avoid confrontation, some may have felt it wasn’t that serious, and others may have tried to solve the issue with their boss directly rather than reporting it.

The fact is, with sexual harassment still being a struggle that many are faced with in the employment industry, it important to understand that if you are being harassed sexually in the workplace, speak up and receive the legal assistance from a labor and employment law attorney in California to take you off of this path of wrongful behavior, and place you down the path of justice. No person should be subjected to having to go to work each and every day and live in fear that their boss may exhibit inappropriate behavior, leaving them feeling awkward and violated.