For those who are familiar with the retail shop Abercrombie & Fitch, many may imagine the high end store providing clothing catering to those who resemble that of the “model” type. Abercrombie & Fitch has its tactics to drive business and increase its sales, just as any other retail store does. However, the conditions the company set forth and subjected its employees to, now has itself a lawsuit involving 62,000 employees.

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On July, 22, 2015, Huffpost Business provided the details to this case, as well as highlighted how unhappy consumers in the past years have been with how the company has treated people. While employers are able to set guidelines in how their workers present themselves, and what they wear to work, employment and labor laws also highlight the rights employees are entitled to as well. Apparently, Abercrombie & Fitch crossed those boundaries when it dictated how their employees may or may not look with their “look policy.”

Employment and labor lawyers in California take on many cases involving the wrongdoings of companies, however, individuals also need to be mindful to the fact that employees can be mistreated in other ways than just harassment and misconduct.

In this particular case, the company is being sued by these 62,000 employees who claim they were “forced” to purchase the store’s clothing and wear it to work. The first violation the company is being charged with is under the state’s labor codes, where workers were compelled to purchase new merchandise, and continue doing so each time “a new sale guide came out.”

The next condition employee’s were subjected to, which was also considered a violation, was the failure of these workers’ to be compensated for their “uniform” they were obliged to wear. California employment attorneys are well aware of the requirements some companies have in place to ensure their work environment is friendly and welcoming to consumers, however, there a limits.

Employees of Abercrombie & Fitch also claimed they were harmed by “being sent home or losing shifts for showing up “out of uniform.” With their controversial demanded hair styles, fingernail length, makeup, and other “looks” suggested, or rather forced to adhere to, are being described as “discriminatory and illegal.”

While the company is known for its stylish trend-setting attire, they are now being recognized for their discriminating and unlawful treatment against their employees and those who even inquire about obtaining a position. Huffpost Business briefly commented on another lawsuit filed against the company by a girl who claimed she was denied a job due to her hijab.

It is expected that employees sometimes are required to adhere to a specific dress code in the workplace, however there is a line that is drawn. If you are an employee who is suffering due to the unlawful treatment placed upon you from your job, a California employment and labor legal representative can help you obtain justice from your employer and receive the compensation for the harm and lost wages imposed on you.