Last August, the New York Times revealed their concern for the work environment Amazon had for its employees, and it appears the concern has yet to cease. While Amazon took initiative in fighting back against the allegations made, it seems as though there is a true issue lying behind the walls of the Amazon buildings, and an anonymous website wants more past and present workers to come forward with their “horror stories” while working for the company.  Employment and labor law attorneys in Washington bring to you more information regarding this anonymous website, and what it could mean for Amazon and the lawsuits it may be facing.

employment law attorney in WashingtonThe Former and Current Employees (FACE) of Amazon has been rallied up by the unknown, although their message regarding the misconduct displayed by the management team at Amazon toward employees is highly recognizable. They have used the stories provided to gain the attention of many union organizations that will fight for the right of those working for Amazon, although the company denies subjecting their employees to harsh work environments, and claims they would much prefer their employees to reach out to the human resources department for help.

As many Washington employment lawyers can vouch for this, whenever a worker decides to step up and report their abuse, they are either fired as a form of retaliation or turned away with no resolution provided. In this case, many employees reported similar occurrences, hence, they have shared their stories with FACE, or even proceeded with filing a claim with a labor and employment law legal representative to help regain much of the compensation they were out as they were either wrongfully let go, or had no choice but to quit rather than endure the abuse. highlighted some facts regarding FACE, stating that the website itself is “hosted on a Google subdomain equipped with security measures to protect the organizers’ anonymity,” and a representative from the website had the opportunity to speak with three people who actually submitted their stories. It can be concluded that many workers are truly disturbed by the conditions they were subjected to and regardless of whether a Washington labor and employment law attorney is involved in their particular case, many want their voices heard and their stories known.

One person who shared their story with FACE mentioned she “has a terminal illness and has nothing left to lose.” Another account involved “a gender discrimination suit filed against Amazon in King County Superior Court.”

With the overall goal of having Amazon recognize and correct their unjust behavior, FACE made a statement to Amazon saying “if you choose to ignore us and continue to deny the clear facts of what is going on in your company, we will initiate a labor movement to regain our rights.”

With such strong statements made, labor law lawyers in Washington can only assume FACE is ready to stick by its word, as well as all the following employees of Amazon who are ready to seek justice.