What Unlawful Act was Kroger Found Guilty of Committing?

Employment and labor lawyers in Detroit, Michigan cover the story on one Kroger employee who was awarded $82,000 for being unfairly treated after she became injured while on the job.
When you work for a company and dedicate your time and patience to your job, you expect them to support you in the event you become injured on work property. Unfortunately, Detroit Free Press highlighted a story on June  15, 2016  displaying the lack of respect one company had for their employee as they fired her once they learned she may never recover from an injury she sustained after becoming disabled from a work-related incident. […]

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Employer Actions that Increase the Chance of a Lawsuit

Being an employer and holding the responsibility of maintaining a healthy work environment is indeed a challenging task. There are employees who simply cannot get along with another, others who fail to carry out their duties, and workers who conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner at times. On the other side of the coin, employees are also faced with difficult circumstances when their boss fails to compensate them for the work they do, or are experiencing unwarranted forms of misconduct by another administrator. Employment law attorneys in Wyoming understand that both roles in the workplace can be difficult at times, however, each must learn to perform appropriately to avoid legal action. […]

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What You Can Expect During the Interview Process

Searching for a new job is quite a stressful task. You have to worry about looking the part, whether you hold adequate qualifications in order for you to be considered for the position, and most importantly, the interview. Upon being interviewed, many individuals find themselves built up with much anxiety and even a little bit of fear as they may not know what to expect if they are searching for employment that may be outside of their realm, or have been working for the same company for several years already. […]

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Is Your Employer Monitoring Your Productivity?

As you know, in today’s day and age, there are many laws that have surfaced that protect an employee’s rights and privacy, hence, many employers have taken precaution to ensure they do not cross any boundaries that could set them up for a potential lawsuit. Although employment law attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts handle cases that reveal there still is an evident issue of discrimination and harassment occurring in the work field, it seems as though employers are also taking precaution to ensure those working for them are conducting themselves in the suitable manner they are expected to. […]

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Employee Protection for Whistleblowing on an Employer

Identifying your employer for conducting themselves in an unlawful manner is often something an employee tries to refrain from, especially when it doesn’t exactly involve them. Many may even feel hesitant to call out their own boss in fear they will be frowned upon or even fired for whistleblowing, and acknowledging their employer for their […]

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CEO of Largest Ad Agency Sued for Distasteful Misconduct

It is not uncommon to see employers of large corporations use their wealth and reputation to mistreat employees and believe they can get away with it. Employment and labor law attorneys in New York are well aware of the many laws a CEO or even someone managing a small business is expected to abide by, and while they may be under the impression that they hold more power then they think, it is only when a lawsuit is presented before them that they realize they may have crossed a line. CEO of J. Walter Thompson, which is one of the “country’s largest ad agencies” that creates advertisements for many of the Fortune 500 companies out there, is being accused of crossing those lines, and based on the reports, may in fact be guilty. […]

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When a Layoff Becomes a Wrongful Termination

Take a moment to consider this hypothetical situation Massachusetts employment and labor law attorneys want to share with you. Suppose you were struggling with an issue at your place of employment, and while the managers who worked alongside you failed to accurately handle it to ensure it never happened again, you are repeatedly mistreated by another administrator, leaving you feeling as though your rights have been violated. Eventually you decide to take your complaints and report them to someone higher up. After a few days have passed, you go into work and realize all of your belonging that once laid upon your desk have been removed. You are informed you have been terminated. […]

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Terms of an Employee Contract

Employment law lawyers in Iowa explain some stipulations workers are subjected to abide by that can be found in an employee contract.
For those of you who are employed in the U.S., generally you are expected to sign some sort of contract provided by your employer upon beginning your assigned role. The purpose of an employee contract is not only to provide protection to the employee, but is also a form of precaution employers takes themselves, and it too serves as a form of protection for them as well. Although contracts can often be a bit confusing as some of the terminology may be unclear, labor and employment attorneys in Iowa would like to explain some important aspects that may be applicable to your contract in which you may also be required to abide by in the event an issue arises. […]

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P.F. Chang’s Being Accused of Multiple Accounts of Sexual Harassment

There have been some surprising employment lawsuits coming out of the woodworks recently, and one of them involved the upscale food chain, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. The company seems to be struggling to stay off the radar when it comes to lawsuits as it has been less than 2 years since the company was required to pay $1 million to two San Diego employees who claimed they were sexually harassed. Now, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune, five more women have stepped up claiming they were sexually harassed while working for the company all in different locations throughout California. […]

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Employment Lawyers Discuss the Terms of Unemployment

Labor laws have been enacted due to employees being wrongfully fired, mistreated in the workplace, and even due to some form of discrimination being imposed on a worker. Laws are generally proposed to protect the rights of individuals and provide some sort of peace of mind knowing that should your employer mistreat you, you have the option of firing back with a lawsuit in the event they are found guilty. Unemployment benefits is something certain workers are entitled to should they be wrongfully fired, or let go based on economical reasons. […]

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