Picture this: As you are completing an online application for an employment opportunity, there is a box where you are required to indicate whether or not you have ever been brought up on criminal charges. Feelings of anxiety rush through you as you know there is an increased chance of having your application rejected based on this one simple response and the fact that you have a charge of your record. But what if employment law attorneys in Georgia told you that there is a new policy that has been enacted that may help reduce the chance of this occurring and give you more hope to having your application be considered based on your qualifications?

The “Ban the box” policy has already made its way into over 100 cities and counties according to nelp.org. The way in which this policy helps those who may have previous criminal charges on their record get a job is by eliminating the initial check box on an application where a potential employee must signify whether they do in fact have charges on their record. The reason this policy has been set into place is because many employers discriminate against those who may have prior convictions, and do not even allow them the opportunity to enter the hiring process based solely on that one simple check placed in the box.

employment and labor law attorney in GeorgiaEmployment and labor law lawyers acknowledge that while many employers are looking out for the best interest of their company, they also need to give certain individuals, depending on the crime committed, an opportunity to at least present themselves and the skills they offer before simply denying them altogether and throwing their application out. Now it is also important to keep in mind that while it is still going to eventually be required to inform an employer of any prior charges, it will be done so later on down the line as the hiring process continues.

Georgia labor law legal representatives highlight that President Obama endorsed this “ban the box” policy in order to give those who have made a bad choice in the past an opportunity to seek employment and not be turned away immediately upon the employer learning of their charges. The fact is, there are many people who are less qualified who receive jobs over another who may even hold a minor conviction on their record, but was never given the chance to further exemplify the accomplishments they have made, as well as the experience they hold.

Employment lawyers in Georgia understand that all future employees who desire to do better and attain a career they are truly qualified for is the overall outcome of this policy. Georgia stands as one of the most recent states to adopt the policy just back in 2015. And should you ever feel you have been discriminated against by an employer or company based on your race, gender, etc., it is advisable to seek legal aid from an acclaimed labor and employment law lawyer in Georgia today.