Have you ever heard of the saying “all good things come to and end?” Whether it is a vacation, a visit with family, an exciting event, or a career, time goes on and new occasions present themselves, some being more exciting than others. Careers and jobs sometimes begin with all that you wanted and more, and then you find yourself with new opportunities knocking at your door. Sometimes they include a higher compensation for similar type of work, or you may feel the need to journey into a different realm of career choice. Either way, should you choose to resign and begin the next chapter of your life, your employer is to provide you with the remaining earnings for the last days you worked.

Houston, Texas employment law attorneyHere at USAttorneys.com, our labor and employment law attorneys in Houston, Texas understand you want to quit your job and still receive the rightful pay from your employer, which can become a bit awkward. You may have accrued sick time or vacation days and should also be compensated for the value of those unused days. Unfortunately, employers sometimes take it upon themselves in deciding whether they want to pay, which is not technically up to them. Be mindful that should your administrator deny you your last paycheck, he/she is violating laws, and gives you the opportunity to file a charge of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as well.

Generally, once you quit your job, your employer has up to 30 days to pay you for those hours you worked prior to leaving, however, the exact daily amount varies. If you find that months have gone by and you have yet to receive your final paycheck, contact the company to investigate where your check may be, or if it was even mailed out. If nothing is done, take the further step by reaching out to a Houston employment and labor law lawyer of your choosing, who you feel is a suitable match for your case.

Work Place Fairness states that the Fair Labor Standards Act is responsible for the federal wage standards law, which is enforced by the Wage-Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor. While some earnings that are owed may be too small to pursue an employment and labor law legal representative in Houston, you have the option of taking it to smalls claims court. Regardless of the amount, though, should you not be successful in your pursuit of receiving the money you legally worked for, do not allow the company to get away with not paying you. Instances like this could result in many more employees who decide to leave without pay rather than not taking more serious action to stand their ground.

Take a moment now to begin your search for an employment law attorney in Houston, Texas to begin your process of fighting back and regaining what’s legitimately yours. USAttorneys.com has many featured lawyers who are sympathetic to your case, and want to make things fair so you can happily move forward with your life, and your career.