Every work environment comes with its specific rules, regulations, and laws that employees, as well as employers, must abide by. Employers have known to be guilty of over-exercising power, oppressing their workers to unjust and awkward conditions. Take for instance when your administrator says “Good morning,” and then places his hand where it doesn’t belong, or uses sexual verbiage when speaking to you in private. You may not be aware, but these actions constitute as harassment, resulting in a possible employment law dispute brought to court.

There are more people than you think that are fighting the same battle in their career field. While you may rely on your job to pay for the lifestyle you live, you should never be subjected to wrongful behavior placed upon you by your supervisor. As you may be hesitant to reveal your feelings in an attempt to avoid trouble or confrontation in the workplace, you should not be forced to allow this unpleasant harassment continue on. The longer you allow it, the more approving it appears.

Listed below are some possible steps our employment law attorneys in Kansas want you to take in order to bring to light your uneasiness on the topic of sexual conduct.

  • Inform your employer that you are not in acceptance with the mild sexual behaviors.
  • If it continues further, contact someone higher up.
  • If nothing further is done from the higher up, reach out to a leader of the company.
  • Seek legal assistance immediately from a lawyer who concentrates on employment law in Kansas.

Those who sit down during the hiring process and go through your employee handbook are well aware what they are doing is immoral and wrong. Some think because they are your administrator that you won’t fight back or turn them in. Not only can you receive help you need in filing a lawsuit, but you can claim compensation for any lost wages due to being out of work. Sometimes those who hold a much more powerful position in the work place believe they have a substantial amount of power over you. Sometimes handling the harassment within the workplace is an easy solution, however, there are cases reported where that route does not always work.

Don’t be fooled as to what actions define sexual or verbal harassment. Just because your boss doesn’t force you to have inter course does not necessarily mean his or her hand touches or sexual comments are not inappropriate. Chances are, if you hire one of our legal representatives in Kansas for your employment law claim, we will work on your behalf to make sure your boss is recognized for their inappropriate behavior and won’t stop until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. We can help you receive compensation for the psychological abuse you have endured, as well as for the loss of wages for being out of work during the litigation process.