It is not uncommon to see employers of large corporations use their wealth and reputation to mistreat employees and believe they can get away with it. Employment and labor law attorneys in New York are well aware of the many laws a CEO or even someone managing a small business is expected to abide by, and while they may be under the impression that they hold more power then they think, it is only when a lawsuit is presented before them that they realize they may have crossed a line. CEO of J. Walter Thompson, which is one of the “country’s largest ad agencies” that creates advertisements for many of the Fortune 500 companies out there, is being accused of crossing those lines, and based on the reports, may in fact be guilty.

New York employment and labor law attorneysWalter Martinez, who is the chairman and chief executive of the popular ad agency, has been recognized for his racist, crude, and offensive behavior he has displayed in front of and directed at his employees. One accusation labor law lawyers note involved Martinez making comments to colleagues during the production of a documentary about women’s achievements and how he had a “desire to rape certain employees “into submission.” In other conversations held with other employees, the CEO apparently used slandering comments to describe Jews and others that put down blacks as well as women. The New York Post shared the story on March 10, 2016 describing some of the outlandish behavior Martinez reportedly displayed in the work place.

Erin Johnson, who has been labeled as the chief communications officer at J. Walter Thompson, is responsible for filing the lawsuit as it seems she was the one who was subjected to much of the abuse and mistreatment displayed by Martinez. At one point he even directed a comment at Johnson in front of other employees stating “Come here, so I can rape you in the bathroom,” and proceeded to grab her around the neck laughing. While he may have been under the impression that it was a mere “joke,” employment law attorneys in New York recognize his behavior and manner as highly inappropriate, and grounds for filing a complaint.

Some other distasteful displays of misconduct included in him retaliating against Jonson after she complained to some executives working for the company by “cutting her bonus and leaving her out of executive meetings.” While Martinez disapproves with the allegations made against him, it seems he has made numerous comments in front of several staff members resulting in many overhearing his offensive remarks which could ultimately be used as proof against him.

As a result of all the mistreatment, Johnson is filing a lawsuit for “unspecified punitive and compensatory damages, and with the assistance of a reliable and worthy New York employment and labor law legal representative, she may be well on her to way to obtaining the compensation and justice for this unwarranted behavior she was exposed to by the CEO himself.