The one and only Disneyworld, with no place like it in the United States. Families have created many wonderful memories there, couples eloped, and many children have celebrated their first birthdays, while enjoying the company of the characters and the thrilling rides the park has to offer. In order for all the “magic” to take place, this theme park requires diligent, dedicated, and excited employees who aim to please the many guests who travel hundreds, and even thousands of miles to experience what Disney is all about.

Florida employment lawyerBut, Florida employment and labor law attorneys have a story to share, one that sheds light on the idea of discrimination in the workplace, and the fact that no matter how dedicated you may be to your job, the possibility of being laid off for another worker could potentially happen to you. As employers and companies have their standard ways of hiring and laying off their workers, you as an employee have your rights that you are entitled to be fulfilled in the event you are improperly treated.

The New York Times reported a story on January 25, 2016, that claimed that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, laid off close to 250 tech workers, and had them replaced with individuals who were foreign workers, and are claiming to have broken the law by allowing these immigrants to come work on their temporary H-1B visas knowing Americans would be losing their jobs.

The two global consulting companies being sued are HCL and Cognizant for bringing these foreign workers over. The case is still being reviewed and determination has yet to be made whether or not Disney was in the wrong for what they did. However, hearing the statements made from the two workers provided in the article reveals the mistreatment and losses they suffered from. Perhaps their attempt to fight for their rightful compensation by hiring an employment and labor lawyer in Florida is what they needed to take a stand for their hard work and long years spent devoted to Disney.

Leo Perrero and Dena Moore both held a position, with high performance ratings and a great track record when it came to their quality of work. So, the question remains, why were they simply let go? Not only were they required to train these new employees who would be replacing them, but would not be receiving their severance package had they denied to do so. Sounds like there may be a bit of employee discrimination that occurred, however that is to be decided by the courts.

If you have suffered from a wrongful lay off from your current employer, and believe you have a viable case on your hands, consult with an employment law legal representative today to begin the investigation and determine what you are rightfully owed due to your employer’s unjust decision.