Employers often fail to realize the long-lasting effect they have on their employees through the ways in which they conduct themselves as well as their behavior. Sometimes they fail to acknowledge their overall conduct can in fact harm one, and leave another walking away without a chip on their shoulder. While some administrators are cognizant to the fact that keeping happy employees maintains a healthy workplace, others lack this concern and end up facing serious burdens such as an employment lawsuit.

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A former employee who worked as a staffer on the Dr. Phil show felt she had no choice but to quit her job as she was mistreated by the man himself. California employment and labor law attorneys can understand the high intense working conditions that come along with the entertainment industry, however, that doesn’t change the fact that there are still labor laws in place to protect any worker from being unfairly treated.

Leah Rothman, who has been identified by sheknows.com as the victim of “a hostile work environment,” came forward with allegations against Dr. Phil, although she was employed with the show for over a decade.  Among the claims made, apparently Dr. Phil took it upon himself to hold “300 employees in a room with security guards” as he cursed and threatened his employees. Dr. Phil was voicing his concerns regarding information that was leaked to the media, although Rothman stated that he already knew who in fact was the culprit behind the scheme.

Labor and employment lawyers note that not only were these employees subjected to being held in a room, but also were ordered to hand in their phones as the search for the “individual” who leaked the information was performed. Rothman believes the meeting was just a form of intimidation, and that Dr. Phil read from cue cards as he used profane language to express his concerns to his workers. She also took initiative in reporting the misconduct to human resources, although nothing was ever done to rectify the situation.

When an employee reaches out to their HR department, they are identifying an issue, and are in need of assistance of it being addressed. Rothman failed to receive that, and eventually left the show due to emotional stress. She is also suing the doctor for “false imprisonment, whistleblower retaliation and wrongful termination.” Hopefully Rothman hires a resourceful and reputable employment law legal representative in California to ensure her wrongdoing is recognized, and justice is served.

Several commenters agreed that the industry can often times be brutal, although others felt the allegations were a bit far-fetched. In any event, everyone handles conditions differently, and when an employer imposes direct misconduct on their workers, it can leave someone suffering. Labor law attorneys in California work in the benefit of individuals who are subjected to such conditions, and believe if you were directly mistreated by your employer, to come forward and recognize them for their wrongdoing as well.