With social media serving as one of the most frequent ways of learning who people are, what their life is like, what their interests are, and the different things they have experienced, it has become by far one of the most common ways of making contact with one another in today’s society. As one would have friends, relatives, and acquaintances included in the makeup of their account, employers too are learning how to use social media to their advantage. Employment law legal representatives in Michigan are often taking on cases involving social media serving as a main factor in the problem being handled, and they too see the tremendous impact it can have on a persons life.

Not only do employers use a possible candidate’s profile to help determine what type of person they are hiring, they can also use it to be the deciding factor whether or not they should give them the opportunity to work for them. Subsequently, employers also use social media as a means of firing a current employee based on the content found on their page. Depending on what was posted, if you find yourself at a loss because you were fired, you may want to get legal help on your side by contacting a Michigan employment law attorney who can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit- if need be.

There are occasions, though, where workers tend to “speak their mind” over their social media platform, having no concern for their use of language or their bashful comments. The internet is a lively place, and majority of the time, someone, somewhere will have read a debatable post. Sometimes, is is your own profile that is viewed, and should you allow it, include an obscene photo on your own social media page.

You may be wondering whether or not an employer can fire you based solely upon your social media content, and the answer is yes. There have been several cases of this occurring all around the United States.

Some of these examples would be an appropriate reason to be fired because of social media:

  • Your profile contained racial slurs toward the public
  • You bash your employer and the company you work for
  • Your content goes beyond the rules set forth by the company

If you would like to learn about a scenario where a Flint, Michigan police office lost his job because of his social media posts, you can visit mlive.com.

If you really take into consideration what you are posting and the viewers that can see it, decide whether or not it is something suitable for your administrator or manager to see. It is in fact important to live the life you desire, however, you have to keep in mind the type of of position you hold as well as the role you play in the community. Do you feel as though you were victimized by an employer who used your social media platform as a means of firing you? Contact USAttorneys.com today to set up a consultation with one of our top ranking employment law attorneys in Michigan. We want to seek justice when justice is due.