Are you an employee in the state of Tennessee who does not receive the appropriate meal break during your scheduled work shift? Do you find yourself working an entire day and only receiving a short 15-minute break? Here at USAttorneys, our employment law legal representatives in Memphis, Tennessee want to bring awareness to you on federal and state laws as to what an employer is required to give you in regards to a break throughout your workday.

Tennessee Employment Law Attorney TennesseeWhile some states are more fair in determining the amount of time an employer has to give you for a break, Tennessee seems to differ a bit. For example, federal law does not require a short break such as 15 minutes to be provided to any employee. Some employers understand the harsh conditions their staff members are subjected to work in, and allow their employees to take these shorter breaks regardless. Understand this, though, it is not mandatory, or legally required.

All employment laws vary state to state, as well as what an administrator is required to provide their employees with. The Department of Labor and Workforce in Tennessee states that any employee scheduled to work six consecutive hours is required to receive a 30-minute meal break. There is an exception for those that have a more flexible work schedule and are able to take their permissible meal break when they want. If an employee fails to receive their break, this serves as a violation of the law. While this meal is required, those that are less can be provided at an administrators own discretion.

Keep in mind there’s a difference between paid versus unpaid breaks. Should an employer grant you the opportunity to take a 5 to 20-minute break, you are to be paid during that time. These short breaks are not required, therefore, if your manager allows you to take a break, they are then expected to compensate you during that time. If you notice your earnings reflect less due to the reduced amount for these short breaks, seek employment law legal counsel for advice on how to handle a situation like this.

If you are not receiving your legal meal break you are entitled to, it would be a wise idea to first notify your administrator. If no further action is taken and nothing is accomplished, you can take matters into your own hands by reaching out to one of our knowledgeable and skillful employment law attorneys in Memphis, Tennessee.

Working an entire day, some lasting 8 hours and others lasting 12, it is necessary to be offered with a time to eat. If an employee fails to receive their break, this serves as a violation of the law. While shorter breaks are optional, be sure you are receiving your mandatory meal break. Do not allow your employer to take advantage of your time, and leave you without having a meal all day. Speak with a lawyer specializing in employment law and decide if you are receiving the proper treatment from your job.