Not always are we lucky enough to find the most suitable job, with a perfect salary, and an amazing supervisor. While it is possible, many find themselves with one of the descriptions above to be voided from their workplace. Either you love your job, but lack in monetary ways, or you have an amazing salary, yet your boss is constantly breathing down your neck for one thing or another. The truth is, this is a typical situation many citizens find themselves dealing with which is why some decide to no longer accept these given circumstances.

employment and labor attorneys in ArizonaAs you take the initial steps to leave your place of employment, you may find yourself a bit worried as to what repercussions you may be facing as a result. Generally, most jobs require a two weeks notice to be given should you decide that environment is no longer fitting for your lifestyle needs, however, you may wonder whether or not your boss can actually fire you after the initial announcement is made. Employment and labor laws in Arizona protect its workers in some cases involving the quitting of a job, however, not all.

Employment and labor attorneys in Arizona want to bring awareness to you and what your boss can and cannot do in the event you do decide to provide them with a 2 weeks notice with your intent to leave the company.

Most employers are hired “at will” which means an administrator can fire them at any given time, reduce their wages, lower the amount of hours worked, or request other jobs to be completed regardless if they are listed under the employee’s general job description. There are exceptions, however, where an employer is limited on what they can do and that is if the employee was hired under contract.

If any employee is hired on a contractual basis, there are given stipulations for what a company is allowed to do in regards to their employee’s salary, required work descriptions, and their allowance in just letting them go. If you ever feel your employer illegally fired you causing you much distress and accrued expenses all the while they were not fulfilling the stipulations set forth in your employee contract, you may be entitled to compensation with the assistance of an employment law attorney in Arizona.

In some cases, some jobs offer you the option to join their union, which also helps protect employees from being mistreated in the workplace. With measures set in place to ensure employee rights are protected, be sure you are aware of what you are entitled to as an “at will” or “contracted” worker. Before pointing fingers and accusing your employer of wrongful treatment, be sure you carefully read through your contract and the details found within in regards to hiring and firing.

In the event your boss fired you during your last 2 weeks of work, which you were rightfully due, and you are unsure as to where to turn for help, our Arizona employment law legal representatives can provide you with advice on what your next steps should be.