Labor laws have been enacted due to employees being wrongfully fired, mistreated in the workplace, and even due to some form of discrimination being imposed on a worker. Laws are generally proposed to protect the rights of individuals and provide some sort of peace of mind knowing that should your employer mistreat you, you have the option of firing back with a lawsuit in the event they are found guilty. Unemployment benefits is something certain workers are entitled to should they be wrongfully fired, or let go based on economical reasons.

Labor and employment lawyers in ArizonaThere are certain rights you have as a former employee of a company, and in the event you meet the guidelines to receive unemployment, you want to be sure you don’t cross any lines that could interfere with your compensation. When an employee decides to collect this form of payment, a company generally has to pay out more, therefore, there have been accounts where a former worker applied for unemployment and was denied because their employer claimed they were not in fact entitled to it.

In a case such as that, having the support of a trustworthy Arizona employment law lawyer definitely will work to your benefit and help you obtain the proper documentation depicting you did in fact qualify to obtain the funds.

Labor and employment law attorneys in Arizona explain that there are generally two reasons why a worker fails to receive unemployment. One involves the worker doing something that forces their status to become ineligible, or, an employer makes the process so difficult that the worker often gives up and moves on to other employment opportunities.

What’s important to remember, though, is that if you were fired for unethical reasons, or your employer decided to let you go with an unclear motive that wasn’t necessarily a legitimate reason to lay you off, you want to at least put up a fight to obtain this compensation that you are deserving of. After all, without some source of income, how will you manage to cover your bills and the many other needs you may have?

Labor law legal representatives in Arizona understand that each state brings along with it different laws and guidelines, and only certain individuals are truly eligible to receive unemployment. highlights those who generally are covered and should receive unemployment below.

  • You must have worked a minimum of 6 months at your place of employment and earned a specific income, which is based on state stipulations.
  • You must either be legally working in the U.S. or a U.S. citizen.
  • In the event you are called back to work, or provided a similar job, you must be able to go back and fill the position.

In the event you are due unemployment and find yourself struggling with your previous employer in receiving it, consulting with an Arizona employment and labor law attorney at USAttorneys is your best bet seeing that they can go over the logistics as well as a plan of action on how you may go about receiving the compensation you did in fact qualify for.