For many workers out in the field, there are rules and regulations their employers must abide by that have been set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The enactment of this law protects employees and their wages to ensure workers are paid at least the federal minimum wage, and done so in a timely manner. While Texas employment and labor law attorneys have witnessed cases where employers fail to abide by the laws set forth, employees should know they have the right to take a stand and do something about it.

Texas employment law attorneyAs an employee, there are many instances where you may question the actions of your employer, and wonder if you are in fact receiving your appropriate earnings you are entitled to. In the event your administrator fails to compensate you for work you have already done, or paid you below the rate you were contracted at, you most definitely are entitled to receiving the back pay for those wages.

Some common reasons why your employer would in fact owe you back pay include, but are not limited to:

  • You aren’t being paid at least the minimum wage, therefore your employer is required to compensate you for the difference of what you made compared to what you are legally expected to be earning.
  • After you leave your place of employment, your employer fails to provide you with your earnings for your last weeks of work.
  • You worked overtime hours and were not paid the accurate amount as stipulated in your employee contract. You also want to consider if you are being paid at the legal standard set forth by your state’s laws pertaining to overtime pay.

How do you handle a case where your employer owes you back pay?

Seeking legal assistance from a labor and employment law legal representative may not be required for some cases involving an employer owing a worker wages they were entitled to. In fact, the Wage and Hour Division of the FSLA allows you to file a claim directly on their site. But what if this route doesn’t get you the funds you believe you are truly entitled to?

You then want to consider employing a labor law lawyer in Texas who will take initiative in obtaining these funds you were entitled to, as well as any other form of compensation required to cover the damages you sustained during this time your earnings weren’t paid.

If you put the scenario into perspective, when an employer fails to comply with the laws, and leaves you without the money you expected to earn, bills may go unpaid, and you may suffer from other monetary matters that puts a damper on your financial status.

Therefore, if you believe your employer currently owes you back pay, and a large amount at that, you can file a claim with the Wage and Hour Division, or better yet, seek legal aid from a trustworthy employment law attorney in Texas who will fight for your unpaid wages.