Your job is what provides you with your livelihood. Its what gets food on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head. While many states allow employers to fire an employee at any given time and for any given reason, there are exceptions to this “at will” policy seeing you have rights as a citizen of Pennsylvania. Labor and employment law lawyers in Pennsylvania want you to be well aware of the laws your employer is expected to abide by all the while understanding the laws that may not necessarily cater to the desires you have.

Pennsylvania employment and labor lawyersAccording to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, this state is identified as an “at will” employment state, therefore your boss does not necessarily have to provide a reason as to why you are being fired “under Pennsylvania wage and hour laws.”

While this seems unfair, generally, if your employer wants to continue building up their business, they won’t just let go successful employees who work well and are continuously advancing the company. And while you may be under contract, this does protect you from certain specifics as a worker for that company, although you still risk the chance of being fired.

This is where unions come into play to help fight against being illegitimately let go, and also when employment law legal representatives of Pennsylvania can be of some assistance. If you feel were a victim of discrimination due to your race, color, religion, age, sex, etc., contacting the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission is also an option on the table.

When can I file an employment and labor law claim against my employer?

  1. Fired for race, religion, gender, etc.- If any form of discrimination is present and is the reason for you being removed from the company, your employer cannot claim they fired you as a result of being an “at will” company. Discrimination is a serious offense and labor attorneys in Pennsylvania are perfect for handling matters involving this.
  1. Let go for complaining or identifying unjust activity- If there is illegal activity transpiring within the office, or you complain regarding the mistreatment of another employee or yourself, your administrator cannot use this as a basis for firing you.
  1. Dismissed for exercising your employee rights- Should you require the need to take sick time, or time off for a medical emergency in the family, your employer cannot lay you off you because you took this warranted time away from the office.

Signing an “at will” agreement with your employer may be a bit unsettling, however, knowing your rights and when you can and cannot be fired may bring on some ease with the provided knowledge.

If you believe your supervisor or boss dismissed you from your duties for an unethical reason, reaching out to a Pennsylvania employment and labor lawyer during this time of need can be the most suitable decision you can make. You have rights, and it is your job to exercise those in the event you are mistreated, wrongfully fired, or harassed in the work field.