NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (07/23/15) – According to, James Gerard, a former bartender and server, has filed a federal wage and hour class-action lawsuit alleging being cheated out of wages by his employer, World of Beer. Mr. Gerard worked at the New Brunswick, New Jersey, location for almost three years, a busy location near Rutgers. The popular sports bar is part of a nationwide chain with over 70 locations.

Mr. Gerard’s lawsuit alleges several schemes World of Beer used to cheat he and his fellow coworkers out of their rightful wages. One allegation is unpaid overtime. In the lawsuit, it says that he was paid $2.13 an hour for the first 40 hours worked and no pay at all for hours worked over 40 instead of following the law and paying overtime. World of Beer also, according to the suit, made up a scheme they referred to as a “tip credit” in order to keep pay well below the minimum wage for the employees.

World of Beer never would explain to the employees how the “tip credit” would be applied. They also did not pay employees to bring their pay up to the minimum wage when the $2.13 an hour and tips did not add up to the minimum wage.

The employees were also directed to mop floors, clean windows, clean bathrooms, and take the trash out, duties for which they did not earn tips, and were still only paid $2.13 an hour instead of the rightful minimum wage.

Mr. Gerard also alleged that when he was promoted to a product manager at World of Beer, he still was not paid correctly. Instead he was paid $400 a week, which is also below the minimum wage.

Mr. Gerard filed this lawsuit in order to recoup unpaid wages for regular wages and overtime. He invites other World of Beer employees who have had similar problems with World of Beer to join the lawsuit.