Employment and labor law attorneys realize that every work environment is different. Some people find themselves at a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job sitting at a desk all day, while others are constantly standing in front of a room full of children for hours on end lecturing about science and math. Nurses, construction workers, teachers, dentists, bus drivers, etc. are all included in the make-up of the working community and play a vital role in our economy.

employment and labor law attorneys in GeorgiaWith that in mind, each and every individual who is employed is covered by his or her state employment and labor laws when it regards workplace conduct as well as the treatment expected, and lawfully required to be given. Without this protection, there would be a constant decline in productivity, as well as those who would refrain from coming to work.

Unfortunately, though, whether you work in a public setting or are confined to an office most of the day, people still fall victim to the undermining attitude, unnecessary abuse, or even sexual harassment displayed by employers as well as by other employees. Employers are not the only individuals found guilty of practicing inappropriate behavior, rather, employees too find themselves dealing with these unwarranted conditions often brought on by another employee. And while it may be a sly remark here or there, or a minor sexual comment, they all manage to brush by your shoulders, resulting in you forgetting they ever occurred until one day a more serious incident occurs.

Georgia employment lawyers urge any worker who is being subjected to conditions that leave them feeling violated or uncomfortable, to take necessary action either by asking that particular individual to abstain from any further inappropriate behavior, or reaching out to an administrator. There have even been occasions when human resources may be required to get involved to help settle the case.

But what happens if this employee continues on with the comments and begins to add a threatening tone into the conversation? Then what? Again, informing a supervisor or higher up can only help your case in providing evidence of the issue, however, you may want to consider obtaining advice from a labor and employment legal representative who can take appropriate action and ensure something is done this time around where you no longer have to suffer from these unwanted actions.

As professionals in a workplace, it is every citizen’s duty to provide respect and concern for others around. It is not only unfair to subject an employee or co-worker to actions that are a violation of their rights, but illegal. Regardless of where you work, whether you are being mistreated or offended, don’t let the minor remarks slide. Stand your ground for the respect you deserve and have alongside of you the legal assistance to regain any compensation for lost wages or other damages incurred due to this unhealthy work environment.

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