As we left the year 2015 behind us, we acknowledge the battles, success stories, fond memories, etc., that we have moved on from as we attempt to only create a better life for ourselves in 2016. While it is evident there are new and exciting experiences yet to come, that may not necessarily be true for some employees labor and employment lawyers in New York would like to shed light on. It seems there are other issues coming out of the woodwork that may not necessarily be “gone and forgotten.” highlighted ten companies that were recognized for the mistreatment they inflicted on their workers, possibly even worse than the claims made against Amazon. Employment and labor law attorneys are sharing with you two of the mentioned companies, although the full description can be viewed on the site listed above. While the article was just published back in 2015, it is safe to say the companies may want to consider creating a plan of action to ensure their employees are content rather than being exposed for the unethical actions they impose on them.

Employment law legal representatives present you with the first company being recognized, and that is Family Dollar. While we may recognize the company to be conducive to our lifestyles, employees may think otherwise.

Family Dollar is being called out for promoting their workers to managerial positions in order for them to work longer hours, yet become exempt to the time and a half stipulation. Not only that, but they have written in their policy that they want their employees to “challenge thieves,” which ultimately lead to one worker being wrongfully laid off, as well others being attacked in the process. Some of the workers claimed they had to work such horrendous hours, as well as mop floors even though they held a “manager” positon.

employment and labor law attorneys in New YorkLabor lawyers in New York also bring attention to Target, which many of you are probably very familiar with and shop there on a constant basis. Apparently, the popular establishment doesn’t want their employees to take part in a union, at all. They reportedly even went as far as closing a store for “remodeling” when their workers voted to become unionized. Some employees have even stated they had to watch “antiunion propaganda” during what they were told were training days.

Although employers do in fact have some sort of control in how a company is run, when they merely trick their employees into taking a higher up position to make them work longer hours without pay, or force others to refrain from taking part in a union, it sounds as though some rights are being violated.

Perhaps those who currently find themselves employed at these locations are still struggling with such mistreatment, or even other forms. In the event that truth still stands, it is always advisable to employ a labor and employment law attorney to step in an effort to remedy the situation.