Being treated fairly in the workplace is not only a law, but it is expected behavior to be exhibited by employers as well as co-workers. Not all working conditions are what we would like them to be, however, being mistreated, discriminated against, or harassed is unacceptable and unlawful. Sometimes, when victims of such treatment can no longer work under such conditions, they become more fixated of obtaining justice for this wrongdoing rather than just the amount of money they can get from the case.

employment and labor lawyer in MaineEmployment and labor lawyers in Maine are available to fight for that justice for imposed misconduct, and work to acquire a reasonable amount of compensation for the damages done.

In a situation involving a Portland, Maine man, this individual was determined to gain that justice as he was harassed while working for the U.S. Postal Service. According to the 21st Century Postal Worker, this former postal employee failed to receive the appropriate accommodations in regards to his disabilities.


Steven Heath not only suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, but also from anxiety and depression. For any of you who have experienced any of these medical conditions, you are well aware of how serious and life-altering they can be. Back in 2013, Heath sued the postal service for the discriminatory harassment he underwent, which was based on his mental disability. While some cases are prolonged for months and even years, the true light shines when the court orders in your favor and you are awarded compensation for all the misconduct placed upon you.

Although Heath was receiving 75% of his salary a year after he left his job in 2006, he was determined to seek the justice for discrimination, as well as the funds to cover the expenses for the other damages incurred.


Labor and employment law attorneys in Maine reiterate to you that in the event you suffer from compensatory as well as pecuniary damages, you can fight to recover the costs for these losses. A pecuniary damage is when an individual is “awarded for a specific damage,” and in this case, it was for Heath’s teeth that sustained much damage as he severely grinded them once he was unable to work.

With the aid and support of his Maine employment law legal representative, he was able to recover $150,000 in compensation for all the suffering endured. And while Heath is appreciative of the outcome, his ultimate goal was fulfilled when justice was attained.

In any situation, no one individual should be expected to endure demeaning treatment, or being discriminated against. And in the event your rights are being violated at work, or have been, resulting in a loss of employment, it is now time to act on this, and speak with a labor lawyer in Maine who will determine which road to justice to take, knowing that it will eventually be obtained.