There are several public employment jobs out there that do not necessarily receive the rightful compensation for the amount of work that they do. Positions like police officers, doctors, nurses, and even teachers are required to sometimes work over their scheduled shift merely because there is a shortage of employees, or something arisen resulting in the employee having to work around the clock. If you are not receiving the full compensation for your over-time worked, speak with an employment law attorney in Southfield, Michigan, and let us determine if you have a legitimate case on your hands.

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Hospitals, nurses, and doctors are all what makes the facility run smoothly, the required care is provided, and patients receive the necessary treatments to fight off illnesses. Without enough staff in a hospital, who is going to be there when a numerous amount of nurses fall off the staff list?

Healthcare Michigan reported on January 20, 2016 that Michigan state nurses are pushing for a raise in salary to help aid in the current condition of being short-staffed. Many of the nurses working for the state hospitals have found themselves in the predicament of having to constantly work and cover shifts when there were not enough nurses available. These workers believe for the quality of work they provide, where their sole purpose is to aid in patient care, and tend to their medical needs on a constant basis, they are under-paid.

As of now, majority of these nurses in the Michigan state hospitals are required to work over-time, whether they want to or not. Some have to deal with not even being able to make it home to see their own children. Employment law legal representatives can efficiently point out when an employee is not receiving the proper treatment, or the rightful pay.

Among the discussion between the Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) and members of the Michigan Association of Governmental Employees (MAGE), nurses requested having a 2% base-wage increase for those registered nurse managers who would still be employed the following year. Unfortunately, the state does not see any issue with the way the conditions are set right now.

Like public positions, there are others too that demand an employee to over exert themselves when required, however, it can sometimes develop into someone who is over-worked and constantly fatigued. Being subjected to such a lifestyle is unfair, and often times their employees fail to receive the compensation for the time they worked beyond their scheduled shift.

Nurses are responsible to assist doctors in life-threatening situations, or during times of medical emergencies. Without the appropriate salary for the required work load, recruiting those nurses that already work for the state hospitals is going to become quite the challenge, as well as keeping the ones who already work there. Should you be a victim of under-compensation, contact a notable Michigan lawyer trained in employment law to be your leader in claiming victory for your case.