There have been some surprising employment lawsuits coming out of the woodworks recently, and one of them involved the upscale food chain, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. The company seems to be struggling to stay off the radar when it comes to lawsuits as it has been less than 2 years since the company was required to pay $1 million to two San Diego employees who claimed they were sexually harassed. Now, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune, five more women have stepped up claiming they were sexually harassed while working for the company all in different locations throughout California.

Labor and employment attorneys in California note the areas where these women reside, which include Anaheim, Chino Hills, Beverly Hills, and Riverside. The women proceeded with the required arbitration process set forth in the contracts they signed with their employer rather than having the option of taking their case through the general court system.

One of the women who has come forward began working for the company back in 2012, when she was only 16 years old. While she only worked for the company for 2 years, she claimed she was sexually harassed as well as assaulted, and then fired in 2014. One of the employment and labor lawyers representing another woman in the case made a statement identifying how “alarming” these accounts were, especially after the company had just finished through with litigation regarding the same issue. The attorney also mentioned that it seems the restaurant corporation has failed to “clean up their act” as not just one individual came forward for the same accusation, but 5.

employment and labor law attorneys in CaliforniaEmployment law attorneys in California note some of the inappropriate, not to mention illegal behaviors these women were subjected to upon working at their particular restaurant location. According to complaints filed on behalf of the five women, supervisors and co-workers subjected them to “unwanted sexual attention, stimulated sex with them when they were bent over or not looking, try to kiss them, and touch them inappropriately.” One woman said she was forced to place her hand down another co-worker’s pants, and was even slapped across the face.

While employment law lawyers urge workers who have found themselves being mistreated in their place of employment to take their case to human resources first to determine what can be done, this particular account revealed that HR doesn’t always provide us with the required solution. As these women claim they took their issue to their HR department, no action was taken, and they were subjected to even more appalling behavior. Some of the women were faced with a cut in hours, while others were transferred to locations that required them to travel as far as three hours.

Labor law lawyers remind anyone who may be struggling with an issue similar to this who is being subjected to unethical treatment and find that their HR department is doing nothing to help resolve the problem, hiring an employment and labor law legal representative is going to be the most suitable option in obtaining justice for this unfair treatment that has been imposed on you.