T-Mobile, known by its constant competition to gain consumers to purchase their “excellent” cell phone service, may now be regarded in a different manner after learning how they a handled a situation involving a pregnant worker, who simply required frequent bathroom breaks. Labor and employment law attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee want expecting mothers to be aware of the laws that protect them. These specific laws that have been set in place for instances such as this are to help avoid employers from mistreating their pregnant workers.

employment and labor attorney Nashville, TennesseeABC News shared Kristi Rifkin’s story and how she was fired from her job after a month and a half from returning to work from being on family medical leave in order to give birth to her son. That wasn’t the only issue Rifkin had with T-Mobile, rather from the start of her pregnancy, she felt as though she wasn’t being fairly treated as an expectant mother. While she was considered to have a high-risk pregnancy, there were measures she had to take in order to meet her personal needs and prevent injuries to her unborn child. The real issue came up when Ritkin required to take frequent bathroom breaks due to the amount of water intake she was required to drink.

The company seemed to have a bit of an issue with this, and because each time she stepped away from her desk, it appeared that she was lacking in reaching her quota for being on the phone, when in reality she was simply using the restroom. Ritkin tried to maintain a diet that didn’t cause her to take such frequent breaks to use the restroom, however, her doctor informed her she was only causing harm to herself, and possibly to the baby. Expectant mothers should never have to settle for altering their diet to meet their employer’s needs, and any employment and labor lawyer would gladly represent you should you find yourself being subjected by your employer to fall under these same conditions.

While Ritkin was required to provide medical documentation stating she needed these bathroom breaks, she then began having to clock out each and every time she had to use the restroom, which eventually cut in to her vacation time. Using quality vacation time to use the bathroom? Sounds like a viable case that a labor legal representative in Nashville, Tennessee would know how to handle.

The unfortunate aspect of the case is that Ritkin was let go by T-Mobile because a claimed mistake she made. And under the employment state laws for Tennessee, being an at-will employment state that it is, she could have been fired for anything and at any time. The true problem lies in the discrimination against her as a pregnant worker. While Ritkin was unable to file a lawsuit due the expense of hiring a Nashville, Tennessee labor lawyer, any woman facing such unfair and unlawful treatment is urged to come forward and obtain legal support to receive the compensation you deserve for lost wages, especially right after delivering a baby.