Many employers find themselves with a lawsuit on their hands simply because they do not want to abide by the labor laws set forth and properly compensate their employees for the work they performed. While some employers take it upon themselves to determine whether or not their salaried employees are not entitled to overtime pay, there are laws to follow that state the guidelines in determining if an employee is exempt from overtime of not. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require employers to adhere to these laws, and should you find yourself in a predicament where you are not exempt from overtime, you can begin the process of filing a lawsuit with one of our acclaimed employment law attorneys in Florida today.

Should an employer find themselves uncertain as to whether their employee should receive overtime pay, it is better to be safe than sorry by doing some research and learning what type of worker qualifies for overtime earnings and which would be exempt. In a case where your employer refuses to provide you with your rightful compensation, , to gain their advice and well as knowledge on how to go about handling a case such as this.

The current minimum wage rate is set at $8.05 per hour according to the United States Department of Labor. They are responsible for enforcing worker protection laws, as well as providing options you can take to file a complaint should you not receive your pay you worked hard for. There is a detailed list of information you need to provide on their website to file your complaint. The next step you can take if nothing is resolved is to reach out to an acclaimed employment law attorney in Florida to help start the process and receive compensation for the funds your employer should’ve paid you.

According to, Florida residents are not paid a daily overtime amount, however, they are paid based on a 40 hour work week. After any work goes beyond 40 hours a week, you are entitled to at least 1.5 times the regular hourly wage which would be equivalent to $12.08. While there are some people who are exempt from minimum-wage laws as well as overtime compensation, if are certain you qualify for it and are denied, begin the claims process by seeking legal assistance with an attorney experienced in employment law in Florida.

Don’t let your employer take advantage of you by simply stating that you do not qualify for overtime pay. Should they not provide documentation proving this nor explain why you would be exempt, you have may have a legitimate case on your hands. Let an employment law legal representative help you fight for your pay, and require your employer to not only compensate you for your lost wages, but force them to abide by the laws set forth in Florida.