While Starbucks recently topped headlines with its chosen colored cup, apparently, they have more to worry about than just choosing which décor they want featured on their next coffee cup print. Labor and employment law attorneys in Arizona remind you that in the event you are working for a company and require any reasonable accommodation that is required to help better you as an employee, if denied, are technically being discriminated against.

labor and employment lawyer in ArizonaEater.com and its attempt to provide coverage for the misconduct occurring in todays work field shared a story on October 21, 2015, identifying Starbucks and its lack of concern for accommodating a woman who is deaf, and only asked to be provided with a sign language interpreter for staff meetings, as well as having them readily available for other worked-related meetings she needed translations for.

Now, you may be wondering why Starbucks is being sued over the simple gesture of not providing an employee with an interpreter, but imagine if every time you had a meeting with your boss, and you had no idea what was being discussed? Generally, a meeting is the time when feedback is provided and expectations are set, and should you not be able to understand all that is transpiring in the midst of the conversations, then how can you perform at the level of expectancy when you aren’t quite sure what that is?

This is precisely why a lawsuit and the hiring of an employment law legal representative occurred. And not only was this woman denied of these accommodations, but laws have been set into place protecting those with disabilities in the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act, which became a part of federal law in 1990, states that any accommodations required by employees “to perform the essential functions of a job” need to be fulfilled.

To make matter worse, when the Arizona woman “filed a discrimination complaint with the EEOC,” she claims her wrongful firing was a form of retaliation from the company, although Starbucks identifies the reason for firing to be linked to her having visible tattoos.

With cases such as this, regardless of the fact that it involves a huge company with thousands of chains across the U.S., it is a real live occurrence. Many individuals are unaware that while they may have been subjected to similar treatment, they believe they are limited with options when proceeding with a claim.

Cases such as this highlight the opportunity available for those being discriminated against in the workplace to speak up and take a stand against their violated rights.

If you, a friend, or even a family member has experienced any form of discrimination at work, know that you do not have to sit back and allow it to happen. While employers are well aware of their rights, you should be conscious of yours too.

One of those options available to you is to employ an Arizona employment law lawyer to begin fighting back against unjust treatment and obtain an outcome that you can walk away feeling content with.