Time is of the essence when it comes to bringing forward any unfair treatment claims made in regards to workplace conduct.  It can often take months, and more often years to resolve an issue involving employees who have decided to sue their place of employment for some form of mistreatment. Taco Bell as has been around for several years, and as it reaches the top of the list when it comes to fast-food, employees of the establishment may beg to differ. 

Employment Law Attorney in CaliforniaIt seems as though California employment and labor law attorneys have dug up a large claim, rather, claims, made against the fast-food giant, identifying a significant amount of workers who failed to receive compensation for their required meal breaks. While the actual lawsuit began back in 2007 and 2009, the trial didn’t take place until February, 22, 2016. Nation’s Restaurant News identified the two workers who took lead in this lawsuit, who were Lisa Hardiman and Sandrika Medlock, who was a former shift manager.

In every place of employment, workers are expected to be provided an employee handbook that highlights the expectations to be followed by both the employer and the employee. Labor law layers in California acknowledge that while these employees were required to receive compensation for their one-hour meal break, many of them skipped one of their 30-minute meal breaks, and were only compensated for 30 minutes of time, rather than the hour that is stipulated under California law.

As the jury was in favor of the employees who came forward, all 134,000, they were awarded $495,913 in total to be given out amongst those involved in the lawsuit. Labor and employment law legal representatives remind those of you out there who are required to be receiving your meal breaks, that in the event you choose to skip them, which isn’t ideal, you are still expected to receive the income for this paid time that is legally yours.

While other claims were made against Taco Bell from 2003 to 2013, the jury struggled to obtain the proof regarding these wrongdoings, therefore was unable to award the plaintiffs for those violations. Apparently, the food giant allegedly:

  1. Failed to provide employees who worked 6 hours with a meal break
  2. Only allowed an employee to take one ten-minute break after working 7 hours, rather than the two that are required to be given as stated by law.

Thankfully, with the assistance of employment law attorneys in California, these employees were able to obtain some sort of compensation for the pay they failed to receive, and justice was served for those who weren’t fully compensated for their legal meal breaks that was required to be given.

A case such as this clearly makes it obvious that in the event your employer is mistreating you, taking a step forward and acknowledging them for this misconduct is extremely important. You work hard, therefore you should receive the compensation you are entitled to. With cases taking years to reach a solution, your best bet is to involve a California employment and labor law lawyer now in order to begin the process of obtaining the funds you should have received from the get go.