Employees are primarily on their own when it comes to their jobs. Whether they perform at exceedingly remarkable levels, an employer still, in most states, has the option of letting them go, or requesting that they complete certain tasks that may go beyond their general job description. Unions have come into the picture for just this reason. They provide a way for individuals to join together, and take a stand against the unwarranted requests made by an administrator, or even the company itself.

labor law attorneys in MissouriWithout some sort of congregation, Missouri employment and labor law lawyers would be seeing a lot more treatment going on in the workplace that employees simply didn’t like. Take for instance a public school job. Regulations are set as to when a teacher can work, the conditions they are subjected to, and should the lines be crossed, the principal is sure to hear from the labor union representative questioning what is being done and why.

According the workplacefairness.org, a union is an organization of those who possess the same common interests and want to protect the current working conditions. Rather than an employee having to take the stand on their own for something they are unhappy with that affects the overall company, a union is a form of “collective bargaining” where workers can communicate with their employers.

Labor and employment law legal representatives in Missouri have witnessed many individuals who are “scared” to approach their employers in fear of being fired for retaliating, however, that too is against the law and a viable claim that can be held against a company. The reality of the work field is that many employees who hold these public jobs fear they will lose them, or be frowned upon should they come forward and express their concerns. This is one reason why unions were developed.

Some of the main issues a union will step in for to remedy the situation include:

  • Pay
  • Hours of work
  • Conditions
  • Vacation time
  • Health insurance benefits

For example, if an administrator of a public position requests its employees to work under certain conditions that place their lives at risk, and many of the workers are highly against it, those who are a part of their union may come forward and “bargain” with the those who set forth the terms of employment to somehow reduce the risks, or abolish the idea altogether.

Although all attempts made by a union may be unsuccessful, there are those occurrences that managed to help these employees who have a union representing them to work under conditions that are a bit more bearable than what they could have been without their union.

It is always important to be mindful of the way in which an employee is expected to be treated, and also acknowledge when an employer imposes unjust behavior, leaving you distraught, unhappy, and unable to perform your duties. And if you have detected this abuse and your unsure how to proceed, speak with a Missouri labor and employment law attorney who will explain the process as well as your options on how to move forward.