Discrimination presents itself in many forms, some more obvious than others. The workplace environment has evolved dramatically over the course of many years where people of different races were once treated unequally when it came down to being chosen for a job, or given the opportunity to receive the same rate of pay as others. As our society has grown tremendously in terms of less racial discrimination, the issue is still evident and present in many workplace environments.

Employment and labor law attorneys in Alabama want you to know that in the event you have been a victim of discrimination when being determined for the hiring of a job opening, or fired because of your race, there are laws that come into play that protect your rights as a citizen regardless of your skin color.


employment and labor law attorneys in AlabamaWhat is racial discrimination?

Race discrimination involves being treated different on the sole basis of your skin color and the race you identify with. With this bias treatment, you fail to receive the same, equal treatment as other employees do, and can also involve the mistreatment based on general stereotypes that are associated with your race. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was set into place to prohibit racial discrimination and protect workers and their ability to receive the same treatment as any other worker would of a different race.

Workplacefairness.org provides useful information for those inquiring about the vast situations where fairness and equality come into play at work. Below are some plausible examples in which individuals find themselves being racially discriminated against by an employer, and would benefit from obtaining an Alabama labor and employment lawyer to aid in their case.

  • Hiring-As you apply for a job, you learn that some members within the company are not comfortable working with someone of your race which ultimately disqualifies you for the job.
  • Firing- If you are let go due to cut backs but realize the Caucasian employees who are less qualified than you and have been working with the company for a shorter amount of time continue to securely hold their positions.
  • Promotions-While you have excelled in your position, you are denied of a promotion or receiving a higher up position. Rather, when an opportunity arises, it is given to someone who is less qualified, and is of a different race.
  • Job Duties- As time goes on, employers tend to divvy out a larger workload to those who can handle it, yet while you take on all these new positons, you fail to receive the compensation for doing so. The other employees of a different race take on greater responsibilities as well, and while your pay rate fails to increase, theirs seems to be skyrocketing.

Although the above mentioned scenarios are only some of the possible forms of bias in the work environment, any person who believes they have not been given the same opportunity as those of another race and are equally qualified to do so, reach out to an Alabama employment law legal representative today who can review your claim and determine if you have a viable case on your hands.