Concord, NH- Whether you work for a large corporation, or find yourself employed by a private business that only houses five employees, the chances of you being mistreated by your employer is still possible and can occur regardless of how large the company is that you are employed with. From discrimination to sexual harassment, and even the failure to provide the appropriate compensation for work already completed are only some of the possible ways in which taking on the legal support from a New Hampshire employment and labor lawyer can help you attain what is rightfully due in a case involving mistreatment in the workplace.

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We are all quite familiar with Walmart, but maybe you have yet to learn of the many complaints their employees are having with the company. Sometimes having so many employees working for such a large corporation makes it difficult for managers and supervisors to individualize themselves when it comes to their employees needs.

From being wrongfully dismissed for acting out in self-defense against a customer’s violent manner, to being treated unfairly, Walmart and their continuous lawsuits may cause the company to lead an unstable work environment, will less employees who are familiar with the business due to the high turnover rate. When it comes to being undermined and workplace misconduct, labor and employment law attorneys urge those of you experiencing these conditions to step forward and begin the process of hiring legal support to rightfully regain loss of wages for the possible emotional damage and from being let go unlawfully.

WMUR 9 News, shared a story on January 30, 2016, which involved a Walmart employee who worked as a pharmacist, and believed she was a victim of gender discrimination as well as being fired in an unlawful manner as her co-workers were reportedly dispensing prescriptions in a wrongful manner. Maureen McPadden worked for Walmart for 13 years, and while she was fired back in 2012, with the help of her New Hampshire employment law legal representative, the judge and jury ruled in her favor awarding her more than $31 million for the damages incurred.

McPadden was employed at the Seabrook pharmacy in Walmart and stated the staff members being hired were “inexperienced, untrained, and insufficient.” While Walmart denies these allegations made, and wishes to appeal the judge’s decisions, clearly, her New Hampshire labor law attorney did a job well-done seeing the evidence provided won the jury over.

Going into battle with a company like Walmart is not an easy task, however, you must be cognizant of your rights in the workplace. Being placed in dangerous situations, victimized by management, or unjustifiably fired is something worth standing up against. With the right assistance, you have the ability to beat you case.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the wrongful treatment by a co-worker or supervisor, it is time to take a stand and gain the legal support required by employing an employment lawyer in New Hampshire today.