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The Labor & Employment lawyers found on our site are seasoned, experienced veterans of Federal, State and local courts.  Their goal is to help you win your case!  They can evaluate your case for merit and give you an informed opinion on whether it will stand up in court.  They can help you calculate whether or not you are within the time deadline for making an official complaint to the EEOC.  They can help guide you through the sometimes confusing EEOC process of successfully achieving the goal of being granted a “Notice of Right to Sue” document from the EEOC. Then the lawsuit can begin!


Our attorneys represent people who have been wronged in employment situations, either Federal, State, local, or all.  If you are the victim of discrimination and harassment because of one of the Federal statutes, they can help you.  If you are the victim of a State anti-discrimination law, they can help you.  If you are the victim of a local (city or municipality) anti-discrimination law, they can help you.  If you and your colleagues are experiencing State Work Rule violations, they can help you.


First of all, you can expect an experienced and knowledgeable professional to guide you through your case.  There are many pitfalls in terms of proving your case, especially in the Federal discrimination area, but our lawyers will construct a winning game plan and help you make decisions along the way.  One example:  What if you are offered a sum of money by your employer to stop the case? Should you take it or not? A seasoned Labor & Employment attorney can advise you on the best action to take.

On your side, it is important to document the problems you are having.  Do it in diary format with dates, times, names, and what happened.   Print out and keep any offensive emails that can prove your case.  If your employer has given out “Employee Handbooks,” keep yours in a safe place, preferably at home.  This information is crucial when it comes to assisting your attorney in creating a winning game plan for your case.

If you are having trouble with Work Rule Violations, find out if others in your workplace are too.  If they are, your attorney can apply to a judge to turn a lawsuit into a class action.  A judge determines if a class action is an appropriate way to handle a large number of potential cases. The plaintiff’s lawyer must show that the case and the plaintiff are good representations for the aggrieved group. If a judge agrees, he certifies the class and allows the class action to proceed with you as the Lead Class Action plaintiff. (If you or some of your colleagues decide not to take place in a class action, you can still file your lawsuits individually.) Our Labor & Employment lawyers are very experienced in terms of working with, and getting the best results from, class action lawsuits.  Even if you don’t know if everyone else in your workplace is suffering from the same Work Rule problems as you are, our Labor & Employment lawyers know how to get the information by subpoenaing pertinent records and statistics and even by subpoenaing the names and addresses of all the employees at your company so they can write a personal letter inviting each one to join the class action suit.

Contact us at once if you are having trouble at work that you think may be discriminatory or your employer has work rules that you think are illegal! Remember, time is extremely limited to file, and if you wait too long, you will not be able to get any recourse, no matter how much merit your case has!

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