Are there any reasons why a business does not have to pay employees in Allen?

Allen, TX – Some businesses may try to save money by not paying their workers properly or withhold wages and overtime. In almost every case with just a few exceptions, this is considered wage theft and the employer will not be able to get away with underpaying or not paying the employee. Any worker who is in this situation will be able to retain a lawyer and file a lawsuit for the entire unpaid amount

What if the business is having financial troubles and may close down? 

As long as the employee has actually recorded the hours in question, any employer will still owe their hourly workers the full amount of wages and overtime they have earned. In situations where an employee was salaried, they can possibly change the person’s status to hourly to try to save money, however the person will still need to be paid at least minimum wage for all of their time worked as an hourly employee. Even if the company declares bankruptcy, the debts related to worker wages will be treated as a high priority type of debt that needs to be paid within a reasonable time. 

Can a business withhold wages from a problematic employee?

A business can choose to punish a worker for legitimate violations or company policy or illegal activity such as theft. However, even if the worker is disciplined or terminated, the company must still pay all of the person’s wages for the time that they actually worked. Workers cannot be underpaid as a type of discipline or punishment.  

Are workers entitled to pay for time off?

As long as the worker used some kind of legitimate paid time or or leave that they were owed by the company, they must be paid for this time. Most companies give their full time workers at least a few days each year of sick time and vacation time. It is possible that independent contractors, part time workers, seasonal workers, or others who do not have paid time off will not need to be paid for time that they did not actually work. This can vary based on the company’s policies and the worker’s actual status. 

Advice from an employment lawyer

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that handles issues such as wage theft, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and discrimination for clients in the area of Allen and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys are able to meet with anyone who has questions about workplace disputes. 

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