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Employment laws in Arkansas, like in most other states, are premised around the dynamics of employment rights, obligations, and also defined by regulations, policies, and guidelines which govern these categories. There are a number of different issues which come under employment law as we will shortly discuss.


Some of the most important issues which employee’s face in the workplace environment include:


  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compliance and non-solicitation agreements
  • Below minimum wage pay: Fair Labor Standards Act


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Discrimination in a nut shell is treating an employee differently simply because of a certain attribute that he or she possess. When employees are favored or not favored and discriminated on the basis of things such as skin color, race, cultural background, political views, affiliation, and so on.


These rules can be applied across all aspects of a job starting from recruitment to pay to firing and include job advertisements, wages, promotions, and termination.


Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment laws are strict and sexual harassment is a serious offense. It does not matter what sort of designation, authority, or how long the perpetrator has worked in the company, sexual harassment has to be rooted out and punished.


Sexual harassment is a domain which includes even hostile behavior which can be considered employee or personnel intimidation. Unwelcome sexual advances, lewd comments, groping, inappropriate touching, inappropriate electronic communications, indecent exposure, etc. are all considered sexual harassment.


Many sexual harassment victims remain quiet and do not raise the alarm bells in fear of retaliation or because they may lose their jobs or they believe their job could be jeopardy if they say anything. However, such behavior should be condemned, made public, and legal action should be taken against the perpetrator.


In some cases, the victim will also be able to receive compensation for any damages that he or she may have had to face as a result of the sexual harassment.


If an employer or an organization fails to act against a complaint of sexual harassment, then the company itself can be sued by the victim provided he or she has the right legal support and legal team backing them.


Employment Contracts


Contracts of employment are between employers and their employees or independent contractors, etc. These contracts will include all agreements between the two in terms of wages, work hours, non-negotiable behavior, company policies, non-solicitation, and non-competition clauses. However, disputes do arise about whether or not the contract was breached.


The right legal counselor can help represent you in such disputes and ensure that justice prevails. They can also help deal with non-compliance and non-solicitation agreements and below minimum wage pay which are Fair Labor Standards Act issues.


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