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Employment law in California is vast and encompasses a myriad of different workplace related issues. Some of the most common employment law legal issues that workers and sometimes employers face in California are as follows:



If you need legal help in this realm then you are thus far making the right moves. This website saves lives and does so every week. No one has a right to shirk the responsibility of paying you the proper amount. If you need a legal counselor in employment law, click and call. Do not let your employer or former employer get away with this, even if they are a public department.




If you believe that your employer or your former employer has infringed your rights to overtime pay, then you may be able to take legal action against your employer, hold them accountable, and actually receive compensation.


If you work overtime, then you need to be paid for it. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, some employers force their employees to work overtime and don’t even pay them for the extra hours/days. The legal professionals you will find on our site are well versed with overtime law and the issues surrounding it. They will be able to help in your specific case and ensure that you receive every penny of what you rightfully deserve.




Sometimes, workers may find themselves unemployed and unemployable for reasons which simply aren’t within their control. For such persons, unemployment insurance is a state administered program which provides some income which will enable them to at least make ends meet. Obviously, people who lost their jobs for disciplinary and other legitimate reason are not eligible for this insurance. Likewise, those who simply quit their job will not receive unemployment insurance either.




Often times, employees who whistle blow against their employers or maybe a superior at their workplace are retaliated against for doing so. Retaliation can come in all forms including unfavorable shifts, loss of pay, undesirable transfer, or even termination itself.


If you find yourself in such a situation, then a legal expert can certainly help sue your employers and recover both economic and non-economic damages.




Being treated differently just on the basis of your race, religion, political affiliation, disability, gender, age, sex, etc. is known as discrimination and is against the law. If at any time, you were discriminated against in your workplace then you have a case in your hands and you can make something out of it. We can help you!


Wage and hour claims


Wage and hour claims typically include one of the following issues:



Needless to say, you should hold your employer accountable in a court of law if they have subjected you to one or more of this.


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