CommonSpirit Health to pay $800K settlement in nurses’ wage and hour class action lawsuit

CommonSpirit Health, a nonprofit healthcare system, has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by nurses who claimed that they were not properly compensated for overtime and were not provided with required meal and rest breaks.

The settlement was reached in January 2022 and covers nurses who worked at several of CommonSpirit Health’s hospitals in Nebraska.

According to the lawsuit, CommonSpirit Health violated Nebraska labor laws by failing to provide proper meal and rest breaks, not compensating nurses for all hours worked, and failing to keep accurate records of the hours worked by its nurses.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claimed that they were required to work through meal and rest breaks and were not properly compensated for the additional time worked. The lawsuit also alleged that CommonSpirit Health’s timekeeping policies resulted in inaccurate records of hours worked, leading to underpayment of wages.

Under the terms of the settlement, eligible class members will receive a portion of the $800,000 settlement fund based on the number of weeks they worked during the class period. The settlement also includes provisions for increased training and monitoring of CommonSpirit Health’s wage and hour policies to ensure compliance with Nebraska labor laws.

This settlement serves as a reminder to employers that they must comply with state and federal wage and hour laws. Employers should ensure that their policies and practices are in compliance with the law and that they keep accurate records of hours worked by their employees. If an employer is found to be in violation of wage and hour laws, they may be subject to lawsuits, government investigations, and significant financial penalties.

How Employment Lawyers Can Help

If you are an employee who believes that your employer has violated wage and hour laws, it is important to consult with an experienced employment attorney.

If you’re experiencing issues at work, such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or wage and hour disputes, it’s essential to know your rights as an employee. Omaha employment lawyers can help you understand the legal protections available to you and provide you with the necessary guidance and representation to enforce them.

By contacting a Nebraska employment lawyer in your area, you can gain access to legal resources and support that can help you navigate the complexities of employment law. Your lawyer can review your case and provide you with advice on the best course of action to take. They can also help you negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit if necessary. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an employment lawyer if you’re facing challenges in your workplace. They can provide you with the legal assistance you need to protect your rights and achieve a fair resolution to your case.

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