Contractors installing television service in Pharr were never paid

Pharr, TXWage theft happens all the time in Texas and other parts of the United States. Workers who are expecting legitimate wages may suddenly find that their employer does not want to pay them, and there are often various excuses made. Workers should be aware that they have the right to inspect the company’s records of hours and wages for accuracy, and there are procedures to file a dispute or a lawsuit if there are issues with receiving proper pay. In some cases, the workplace may have made some kind of administrative error, which should be easy to correct. However, sometimes formal legal action is necessary to recover the lost income. 

A group of ten employees in Pharr, Texas claims that they are collectively owed approximately $36,000 in unpaid wages between them [1]. Workers in Texas who are in these kinds of situations have the ability to notify the Texas Workforce Commission to file a claim and speak with an attorney for additional advice and representation. 

Workers for satellite TV provider were never paid for two weeks

Details of the claim include a two week period where there was some kind of dispute regarding whether the work they did was for a contractor for a larger satellite TV provider. Their former employer is attempting to argue that they are not responsible for paying them because the contract expired. However, the workers claim that they will pursue any legal action necessary to get their money, and at the time of the report they were trying to escalate to formal lawsuits. They may potentially argue for additional damages such as interest on late wages. 

Can these workers get their money?

The company that actually hired these workers to perform various services will likely be responsible for paying them. Whether they are independent contractors or full time employees, the hiring business needs to pay them for all work that was done during this period, including any applicable overtime. Depending on the specifics of the employment documents that they signed when hired, it may be that either the larger parent company or the contractor will be the one to actually pay the wages.  

Additional information about wage theft

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that deals with issues such as discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, and overtime law violations in the state of Texas. Anyone who needs to talk to a labor attorney in Pharr or other cities can schedule a meeting.

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