Corpus Christi government workers allege they were never paid while on call

Corpus Christi, TX – Wage laws can be confusing at times due to the various kinds of pay that an employer can give their workers. However, it is always true that minimum wage laws, overtime laws, and various other regulations need to be followed. An attorney can provide advice to workers who feel that they have not been paid properly, and there can potentially be wage theft lawsuits

Caller Times reported on issues with unpaid on call wages that resulted in a lawsuit from workers in Corpus Christi [1]. 

Government workers not given any wages for on call labor

Many workers for the city of Corpus Christi claim that they were never paid for being on call for various times over the last several years prior to the news report. The workers apparently needed to actively monitor and respond to radios during this on-call time, which would mean that they were technically working according to their lawsuit. They were given up to thirty minutes to respond to these calls, otherwise they could be disciplined later. Details of the lawsuit also go into how workers were required to log more than forty hours per week on a regular basis if this on-call time is considered. 

In addition to unpaid wages, the lawsuit is asking for additional training for supervisors to prevent future similar errors, as well as an injunction that will ensure there is no retaliation by the employer against the workers for making their claims. 

A representative from the city of Corpus Christi said that they cannot comment on an ongoing lawsuit. 

Issues related to unpaid wages and wage theft

Both state and federal wage laws require that workers are paid for all time that the person has worked. When on-call pay, or other types of pay like overtime or tips are considered, there are additional regulations that may need to be followed as well and the rules can be confusing for how they are applied to certain workers who do not receive standard hourly pay. 

A lawyer who deals with wage theft and related matters has the ability to file a formal unpaid wage complaint, or take additional action through a lawsuit if necessary. 

More information from labor attorneys in Texas

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