Crucial facts to know about wage theft in Rockwall

Rockwall, TX – Issues with wage theft affect more workers than most people realize. Working people in Texas and other states lose millions of dollars or more annually from improper pay practices. The best form of protection is to know how relevant labor laws apply to any employee, and workers should educate themselves about their status to see if they should be paid hourly, if they can get overtime, or if there are other issues that affect their compensation. 

What does an employer owe a worker who has not been paid properly?

Unpaid wages and overtime are owed to the worker in full, and they do not need to accept a settlement for a lesser amount. This includes any tips, commissions, or other forms of payment that were owed to the person. Situations where the employer made an honest calculation error or other administrative mistakes are not an excuse for wage theft. In some cases for unpaid wages, the employer may even owe additional damages for interest on late wages or liquidated damages for breaching an employment contract. In order to increase the chances of recovery of the full amount, the employee should carefully note any time that was missing from their paychecks. 

Does a person who was not paid correctly need a lawyer?

If the employer is reasonable, the worker can just notify them of the problems with their pay and they may be able to issue any outstanding wages without further incident. If this does not work, the person can contact the Texas Workforce Commission to make a formal claim. Those who want assistance with the unpaid wage claim process or those who have more extensive workplace problems may want to get legal advice and decide on a proper course of action with the assistance of a lawyer.

How is unpaid overtime handled?

As long as the worker is eligible for overtime, this also needs to be paid out as required by state and federal law. An unpaid overtime claim can be submitted in the same manner as other unpaid wages. Employees should also be careful to see if their employer is illegally telling workers that they are salaried, independent contractors, or otherwise exempt from receiving any overtime pay at all, as this is a common problem. 

Labor attorneys in Rockwall

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that works with clients in Rockwall and other cities in Texas. Those who have questions about unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, or sexual harassment can schedule a meeting with their lawyers. 

USAttorneys.com is available to anyone who is looking for the right lawyer in their area. People who need a referral to a licensed attorney can call 800-672-3103 to learn more. 

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