Delivery workers speak of consistent problems with overtime pay

Odessa, TX – Workers in certain industries may have more difficulty getting paid properly. This is especially true for hourly workers with variable schedules and lots of overtime pay. However, the law provides remedies for those who have been underpaid by their employers. 

Local news for the Odessa and Midland area reported on how some delivery workers are underpaid for their services and how getting the proper amount for overtime is a consistent problem [1]. 

Delivery workers have long hours and constant problems getting paid correctly 

The story focused on a 59 year old woman who had worked 13 days in a row making deliveries of a large number of packages. She had worked through holidays and not taken a lunch break most of those days. When she fills out her timesheets at the end of each day, she makes a point of taking a picture of the completed document. The worker claims that every pay period, she seems to be missing at least a few hours of overtime and needs to try to get the problem fixed. 

An investigation into the U.S. Postal Service found that the government has consistently underpaid postal workers for years. Most of the problem stems from managers shorting hourly workers of their total hours or overtime. At least sixty different offices had issues with management actually changing a worker’s completed time sheets, then paying them less. Many management level employees who engaged in these actions never got into any kind of legitimate trouble. There were also concerns that when the labor department got involved in these issues, they settled the cases for the workers. However, the settlements resulted in employees only receiving about half of the back pay that was owed to them. Workers can also find that they are subject to unfair arbitration agreements that can affect their ability to get the unpaid wages. 

Unpaid wage claims and lawsuits

In Texas, workers can file an unpaid wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission. They also have the option of retaining their own lawyer who can bring lawsuits to try to recover the outstanding wages. Workers also do not necessarily have to settle their claim for a reduced amount, as they are entitled to all of their outstanding wages, plus overtime and there may be other damages available for late pay. 

Labor attorneys are available

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