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Have Your or Are Your Employment Rights Being Violated in Washington, D.C.?


Time is extremely limited when it comes to taking legal action regarding employment discrimination claims!


The workplace is an environment that can give rise to a host of legal complications having to do with mainly employee-employer issues or employee-employee issues.


The laws regarding employment and all of its aspects in the District of Columbia are pretty vast and exhaustive. Some of the most common legal issues or cases pertaining to employment law in the District of Columbia are:


  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Disability benefits and pensions


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Wrongful termination


It is not easy to secure a good job these days provided the economic climate and so on. Hopefully things getter as some states are doing better than others, those states are kinder to business and so on. Given how difficult , expensive, and time consuming landing a decent job with a promising career can be, it is truly unfortunate to lose a job and especially so if it is due to wrongful termination.


When an employer fires an employee for no good or legitimate reason, then this is known as wrongful termination. A quintessential example of this is when employees are fired as retaliation for speaking up against abuse, harassment, etc.


If you or someone you know has lost his or her job in such a way then it is time to take legal action against your former employer and make them pay for your economic and non-economic damages. A legal pro with expertise in employment law can help in this regard.


Work place discrimination


The District of Columbia today is a cultural and racial melting pot which is home to people from all cultures and backgrounds. However, some people still discriminate based on things such as


  • Sex
  • Age
  • Political views
  • Nationality
  • Disability
  • Religious benefits
  • Cultural background


This kind of discrimination is unfair and most importantly – illegal!


If you believe you have been subjected to such discrimination simply because of the color of your skin or some other such reason, then you can take legal action against the perpetrator and have them compensate you for your damages by holding them liable in a court of law. Once again, an employment legal counselor will be able to assist with your case.


Wage and hour claims


There are certain laws in the District of Columbia which defines what the minimum hourly wage should be, what sort of hours are acceptable, etc. However, despite these mandatory legal guidelines, a lot of employers still under pay their employees, or have them do overtime and not pay them for it, and so on.


You can take legal action against your employer if this happens to you.


It is your turn now!


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