Is Your Employer Monitoring Your Productivity?

As you know, in today’s day and age, there are many laws that have surfaced that protect an employee’s rights and privacy, hence, many employers have taken precaution to ensure they do not cross any boundaries that could set them up for a potential lawsuit. Although employment law attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts handle cases that reveal there still is an evident issue of discrimination and harassment occurring in the work field, it seems as though employers are also taking precaution to ensure those working for them are conducting themselves in the suitable manner they are expected to.

employment and labor attorney in Boston, MassachusettsOne major responsibility placed on the shoulders of any employer is to maintain a healthy work environment for all, including others who hold a managerial position, and refrain from mistreating or underpaying any worker that violates a labor or employment law set forth in the state laws required to be abided by.

On top of trying to keep all workers content, an employer or anyone who oversees employees is also expected to monitor their workers progress, success, and ensure they are performing at levels that benefit the company, not harm it. And with the many efforts companies have put forth, it seems there is a more effective tool that can used to monitor how an employee spends their time at work, rather than simply walking by and browsing at an individual’s computer screen.

The Boston Globe took notice to a new “productivity-monitoring software” many companies are installing on their employee’s computers that can determine what it is they are doing with the time spent online. The software is able to determine how much time workers spend:

  • Creating reports
  • Downloading files
  • Scrolling through Facebook, or even leaving the browser opened in the background

Labor and employment lawyers in Boston also note that the program is quite accurate in identifying whether a worker has clocked out early, and has the ability to send an alert to an employer when certain keywords are searched. For example, if an individual types “vacation rentals” into their browser, their boss is likely to be notified. And while many may object to this monitoring system as it is viewed as “spying,” the numbers indicate employers are in fact implementing the software. According to 451 Research, it is estimated that $200 million is spent on the “monitoring industry” and it is expected to “double to $500 million in the next four years.”

Although there is a security concern for many workers, data has shown that once an employee was made aware they are being watched, “the more efficient they became.”

While employers are doing their part to ensure the company isn’t paying a person for posting an update on their social media timeline, labor law legal representatives in Massachusetts remind those of you out there that privacy is expected to be given, and if you believe your employer has violated yours, to come forward and seek legal advice from an acclaimed legal professional at USAttorneys.

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