What You Can Expect During the Interview Process

Searching for a new job is quite a stressful task. You have to worry about looking the part, whether you hold adequate qualifications in order for you to be considered for the position, and most importantly, the interview. Upon being interviewed, many individuals find themselves built up with much anxiety and even a little bit of fear as they may not know what to expect if they are searching for employment that may be outside of their realm, or have been working for the same company for several years already.

Employment and labor law attorneys in Kentucky acknowledge that while you may be excited to take on a new role, getting through the hiring process successfully must be done first. And while employers are going to ask you a fair share of questions, be expected to answer anything that was on your application that could raise a red flag. While you may not wish to disclose all of your personal information with a potential employer, you have to remember they are looking out for the best interest of their company, and cannot hire someone who may pose as a threat, or holds a criminal record from the past that conflicts with the job description itself.

Keep in mind that employers are also expected to be cognizant of a future employee’s rights as they conduct the interview, and never should you feel your race, religion, gender, etc., served as a determining factor as to whether you received the job or not. In the event you believe an employer has discriminated against you and turned down your application after being interviewed although you held all the qualifications, you may want to seek legal advice from an employment law lawyer in Kentucky who will review all the evidence you have and determine if you have a viable case on your hands.

photodune 299538 blank note card pen and coffee xs 300x198 What You Can Expect During the Interview ProcessMany factors do come into play when a person feels they have been discriminated against during the hiring process, and the companies hiring history can serve as evidence as to whether they are known for employing a specific gender or race.

Interview Questions:

In regards to the actual interview, some of the questions you can expect to be asked should cover the job description itself and how you may contribute to making the company a more successful place. Labor law legal representatives in Kentucky note some questions a potential employer should refrain from and those include:

  • Whether you are in a union.
  • The medications you may be taking.
  • What religion you practice.
  • A disability you may have. According to workplacefairness.org, it is illegal for an employer to question whether you have a disability unless it is clearly evident and accommodations would be required to be provided.

It is also important to remember that the employer who is considering hiring you may impose a bit of pressure to see how well you handle it, especially if your role is going to consist of time-constraining responsibilities. Never, though, should you feel discriminated against during the interview process as this is illegal and may serve as grounds for getting a Kentucky employment law attorney involved.

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