Facts to know about wage theft and unpaid wages in Rosenberg

Rosenberg, TX – Employees should always be vigilant to ensure that they are receiving all of the wages that they are owed by their employer. This can include basic steps like checking pay statements and deductions listed on the documents, but workers who suspect problems can take further actions such as keeping their own records or hours. When it becomes apparent that wages are missing, the worker can notify the employer, get help from the Texas Workforce Commission, and retain their own lawyer. If a case against the employer is successful, the workplace can owe the person all of the back pay, interest on late wages, and other compensation such as liquidated damages. Attorneys near me who deal with labor law disputes can assist during these times. 

Overtime pay

Overtime laws can be complex because it is not always obvious when an employer starts their work week and which workers are eligible for overtime pay. The employer can define any period of seven consecutive days as a work week for the purposes of overtime. The employees also need to be classified as hourly workers, as those who are salaried, independent contractors, and certain other administrators and owners of a company do not need to be paid overtime. Once a worker is eligible for overtime, their pay rate for any work beyond forty hours needs to be at least one and one half times their standard hourly pay rate. Employers can also require as much overtime as they need their employees to work.  

Wage theft

Employers can engage in various practices to not pay their employees properly. In some cases, this includes actual theft by doing things like stealing tips or telling workers that they will not be paid for hours that they have actually worked. However, wage theft can be less obvious in terms of things like illegal deductions, clerical errors, and other issues affecting the person’s pay. The employer is ultimately responsible for paying the person properly with their full outstanding amount of pay and correcting any errors that may have been made. 

Proper recordkeeping

An employer is required by law to have records of their employees’ time that is accurate and error free. These are also required to be available to the employee and various government agencies for inspection when necessary. The workplace can be fined or sanctioned by various labor agencies if this is not done. As a practical matter, it can also be very difficult for workers to discover wage theft issues if the employer does not have records available. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that deals with labor law matters such as unpaid wages, overtime law, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Workers who need assistance can schedule a meeting with their attorneys.

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