FedEx worker in Fort Worth won a large verdict after employer retaliation

Fort Worth, TX – Employers are limited in terms of how they can discipline workers or react after a worker has reported legitimate problems such as unpaid wages, sexual harassment, or discrimination. Retaliation is a type of illegitimate act taken by an employer who is unwilling to treat a worker fairly after they have voiced their concerns, and workplaces can face lawsuits over illegal retaliation. 

A woman from Fort Worth who worked for FedEx for approximately twelve and a half years has won a discrimination lawsuit against the large shipping company. 

FedEx employee experiences retaliation and loses her job

The woman in question had an exemplary career with the company before the issues began, including multiple promotions over the course of several years. She had even received the company’s highest award in the past. She said that she eventually started to experience retaliation on multiple occasions after reporting problems or misconduct from other workers within the company. There were also issues with the handling of her complaints by the human resources department, which the lawsuit alleged that these complaints were never taken seriously. She was eventually terminated from her position, despite the fact that she seemed to be much more accomplished than others in a similar role within the company. 

The news report stated that the large judgment awarded to her after deliberations was a surprise, especially considering the plaintiff was arguing against a large team of renowned corporate attorneys. 

Discrimination laws, retaliation, and the potential for lawsuits

Employers are never allowed to take detrimental actions against workers based on their membership in a protected class such as race, gender, religion, or national origin. There are state and federal discrimination laws which say that workers can only be disciplined or terminated for neutral reasons such as financial problems with the company or misconduct. 

If the worker has exercised any of these rights in the past, the employer is also not allowed to retaliate against them for knowing the law or trying to protect themselves from instances of discrimination or harassment. While it is illegal to do so, it is a fairly common problem for workers to find themselves without a job after reporting problems. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is an experienced labor law firm that handles issues such as unpaid wages, overtime violations, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Workers who have questions about these matters can schedule a meeting with their attorneys to discuss their situation.

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