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Do you think that you may have a legitimate employment discrimination claim? If yes, then you should get an experienced legal representative as soon as possible. Time is very limited when taking legal action that involves employment discrimination claims, so you need to be quick in hiring an employment discrimination legal professional.

As per the federal anti-discrimination laws, in general, a charge should be filed within 180 calendar days from the day of the discrimination – this calculation includes weekends and holidays. However, if the deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, you can file on the next business day. Remember that if you do not file your claim within 180 days, your case is invalid.

The 180-calendar day filing deadline is extended to 300 calendar days if a law prohibiting employment discrimination is enforced on the same basis by a local or state agency. Usually, these agencies are known as Fair Employment Practices Agency (FEPA).

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Deadline for Employment Discrimination Claim in Florida


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Your Florida employment discrimination lawyer will help you explore your options, make sure that you file your claim within the stipulated time and take the right action to prove your employment discrimination case.

If you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace or any violation of employment law, you should immediately seek the help of a profound and committed employment legal representative. Use, this website, and the interactive map finder or attorney directory (on the home page) to connect with a legal professional.

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