Four questions and answers about discrimination lawsuits in Cedar Park

Cedar Park, TX – Most workers understand that their employer is not allowed to discriminate against them. However, there are specific procedures and rules of discrimination laws that need to be followed if a person who has experienced discrimination wants to file a lawsuit successfully. When in doubt it is best for anyone who has questions about their situation to meet with a licensed attorney for additional information and specific guidance. 

What kinds of actions are considered discrimination?

An employee must experience some kind of negative treatment such as termination, demotion, denial of pay or benefits, or not being hired for a position based on protected characteristics. These protected classes include race, gender, religion, national origin, age, and disability status. If a worker is mistreated in other ways, they may need to look into different potential courses of action. There is also the possibility of a sexual harassment case as a subset of gender based discrimination. 

What are legitimate reasons to terminate a worker?

Not all actions of termination or discipline by a company are considered discrimination. Things such as poor job performance, the company’s financial problems, criminal acts, failed drug tests, and violations of company policy may be used as legitimate reasons to terminate a worker. However, there may be some situations that need to be analyzed based on their specific facts such as when a worker asks for reasonable religious accommodations or holidays. 

How are labor agencies relevant?

There is the Texas Workforce Commission at the state level and the EEOC at the federal level which can handle issues related to discrimination. A person who has experienced discrimination will need a file a complaint with the proper agency before they can bring the lawsuit against the company. These agencies have their own power to take measures against the employer without a lawsuit, including investigating the company, issuing fines, and providing remedies to the worker. 

How can compensation vary?

There are a number of different things that determines how much a victim of discrimination will receive from their settlement or jury verdict. For example, sexual harassment lawsuits have limits on the amount that will be paid out which are based on the size of the business named as a defendant. A plaintiff who can document and prove more significant losses will generally be able to make a better argument for a larger payout. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a law firm that handles labor and employment issues in the area of Cedar Park and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs legal advice can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who are looking for lawyers anywhere in the country. Those who need to find the right local attorney can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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