Four types of wage theft that can happen in Houston

Houston, TX – Workers throughout Texas and other states are often paid less than they should be because of various kinds of wage theft. While wage theft can mean that the employer stole or withheld the worker’s pay illegally, it can also happen in less obvious ways. For this reason, employees should always review their pay statements and try to ensure that they have received all of their pay for all hours worked, including overtime. If there are missing wages, the person can get legal advice and file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission.

Stolen tips from servers

Many workers who serve customers for a living receive most of their pay through tips. An employer is not allowed to take these tips, make deductions from the amount earned, or withhold them. If the employer is taking any of this money away, this is considered wage theft and they can be sued to give the employee the full outstanding amount.

Unpaid overtime

Because having to pay overtime can represent a significant expense for employers, many workplaces attempt to avoid paying overtime wages in any way that they can, even if this is done illegally. Any hourly employee who has worked more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period is entitled to overtime pay at one and one half times their standard pay rate. It is common for an employer to say that a worker is salaried or an independent contractor to avoid paying overtime, as these employee classifications are not eligible for overtime.  

Additional work before or after a shift

Some employers try to get their workers to perform additional tasks before their shift has started or after it has ended. When this happens, the employer is supposed to compensate the worker for any of this additional labor, regardless of their reasoning for asking for the extra labor and the person’s standard pay rate. 

Not paying minimum wage

Every employer in Texas must observe the federal minimum wage law. All workers need to be paid at least this amount to remain in compliance with minimum wage regulations, otherwise they can be sued to make up the difference for the amount that their workers have not been paid. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

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