Here are some examples of discrimination in Beaumont

Beaumont, TXEmployees receive protection at the state and federal levels from mistreatment based on their membership in a protected class. These classes apply to everyone, and they include race, gender, religion, national origin, age, and certain other characteristics. However, some employees will still experience discrimination at some point in their careers, and employers often try to employ tactics to discriminate without making the worker directly aware of their intentions. Workplaces can be sued for engaging in these kinds of illegal behaviors. 

Here are some ways that discrimination tends to happen in practice. 

Job interview questions about age

While it may not seem obvious, employers may possibly ask questions about what year someone graduated from high school or college, how old their children age, or other items that can give away a person’s age. Because age discrimination is illegal, employers are generally not permitted to ask questions that may tell them how old a candidate is during the job interview. 

Pregnancy discrimination

When a worker becomes pregnant, they are entitled to be treated the same as any other person on the job, and they may be eligible for certain benefits such as family leave. If the employer denies the worker any legally entitled benefits or takes other adverse actions against them for becoming pregnant or exercising their rights related to their family, this is considered a form of discrimination. 

Religious discrimination

Some employers may take action against workers depending on their religion. This can include directly asking about a person’s religion or attempting to get them to work on weekends or other times that they have already requested be set aside for religious observance. 


A worker may exercise their rights by doing something like reporting sexual harassment, a work injury, or discriminatory actions by a coworker. It is possible that shortly after doing so, the worker will experience a demotion, loss of pay or benefits, or even have their position terminated. While the employer may try to argue that the actions were due to job performance or some reason that appears legitimate, the timing is crucial as workers who have a history of several years without incident before reporting a problem may be victims of retaliation. 

Employment lawyers in Beaumont

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