Here are some of the reasons why employers do not pay their workers in McKinney

McKinney, TX – Employers may choose to not pay a worker their correct and full amount for various reasons, and they can potentially be mistaken about relevant labor laws. While there are some legitimate reasons to not pay for certain things, a worker generally needs to be compensated for all of the time they were actually working. Those who find that they have not been paid properly are always entitled to the full amount through an unpaid wage lawsuit. There are labor attorneys in Texas who focus their efforts on helping people in these situations. 

Extended breaks and meal breaks are not compensated

Break times can be more complicated, as not all break time needs to be paid. As a general rule, employers do not have to pay workers for break times that last at least thirty minutes. These longer breaks are usually a person’s lunch hour or meal period. If a worker takes shorter breaks throughout the day, those will need to be compensated and they generally last fifteen minutes or less. Additional issues related to break times and pay can be reviewed with a lawyer or the employer.

Employers cannot take away pay as a form of punishment

Any kind of retaliation against a worker that involves taking away earned pay is illegal. While an employer can suspend a person without pay with advance notice, they cannot take away wages that have already been earned by a worker as a form of punishment or retaliation. Employees should expect to be paid for all of the hours that they have actually worked. If the employer has admitted that they have taken away wages that were earned to punish a worker, the employee can file an unpaid wage claim or retain an attorney to recover the wages. 

The worker’s position was terminated

If an employer chooses to terminate a worker’s position, they still need to pay the person through their last day of work. The employer cannot neglect their obligations to pay for all of the hours worked, including overtime, even if the person is no longer an employee of the company. There also may be potential issues with recovering pay after a person’s position ended if the company ceased operations and was not financially solvent and able to pay the wages. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps people who have various issues with their workplace in the McKinney area. Anyone who needs legal advice about labor laws can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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