Here are things that workers in Del Rio can do if they suspect that they have not been paid properly

Del Rio, TX – One of the most likely problems that workers in Texas will face at some point in their career is wages that are missing or stolen by their employer. Regardless of the employer’s reasons for not paying the person properly, this is still considered wage theft and the worker has the right to full compensation for any time that they have actually worked. There are a few things that any worker who suspects being underpaid can do to try to remedy the situation, including a meeting with attorneys near me.

Reviewing pay statements

Workers should always review their pay statements and other records to determine if they have been compensated correctly. This is usually the easiest way for an employee to check for obvious pay discrepancies such as missing hours or overtime. In many cases, if the employer has made an error or there has been some kind of payroll mistake, they can correct it and pay the person properly. 

Review their classification

While all hourly workers are entitled to overtime pay that is at least one and one half times their regular pay rate, many employers attempt to classify workers as salaried or independent contractors to avoid having to pay overtime hours. It is possible for any worker to get legal advice to determine if they are entitled to overtime, especially if it is common for them to work more than forty hours per week. The person can potentially be losing thousands of dollars each year if the employer has classified them incorrectly. 

Filing an unpaid wage claim

The Texas Workforce Commission is a labor board that handles various issues for workers in Texas, including unpaid wages. As long as the worker files the claim within six months of when the wages were initially due, the commission can look into the matter and use their investigative powers to come to a resolution. 

Getting advice from an employment lawyer

If it seems that the employer is not cooperative or other efforts are not helping, it is best to have an attorney who is experienced in labor law review the situation. If it legitimately appears that wages are missing, the lawyer can file an unpaid wage case which requires the employer to pay all outstanding amounts. 

Employment lawyers are available in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with clients in the area of Del Rio and other parts of Texas. They focus on matters related to labor and employment law such as wage theft, discrimination, and sexual harassment. 

USAttorneys.com is a directory that helps people find lawyers in their city. Anyone who needs assistance with their search can call 800-672-3103 for help.

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