How can a worker in Weslaco document discriminatory actions by their employer?

Weslaco, TX – Employers are not allowed to terminate, discipline, or demote workers due to protected characteristics such as race, gender, religion, or national origin. When this happens, it is considered discrimination, and the person has the right to bring a civil lawsuit against their workplace. However, discrimination is not always easy to detect or document, as employers will rarely admit to explicitly engaging in actions that are meant to harm their workers. Attorneys near me who focus on labor issues are available to help with discrimination cases. 

Evidence of discrimination

Much evidence of discrimination is only circumstantial in nature. This means that there is not direct proof of the discriminatory acts or intent, but it can be implied based on their actions. For example, if a person is the only member of a certain ethnic or racial group at a company, then they are disciplined or terminated seemingly without reason, this may be discrimination. Even in these kinds of situations, it is helpful for the worker to document  the incident.

Keeping workplace communications

Many electronic communications are made in workplaces, and these can be preserved or recorded. Things like emails, text messages, printed documents, or anything else that contains relevant information may become evidence. These items can be especially important if anyone involved mentions their discriminatory intent directly.  

Reporting discriminatory language or behavior

Anyone who has experienced discriminatory treatment should note the time and place it happened, and make a formal report to human resources or the relevant department as soon as possible. This will create a record of the incident that may be used at a later time if there are lawsuits or other actions taken. 

Performance reviews

While performance reviews seem like a fairly mundane way to judge how a worker is doing on their job, these are sometimes used as form of discrimination. A person who has had consistently good performance reviews, then suddenly receives negative reviews may be experiencing discrimination. This is especially important if the person is suddenly demoted or terminated after a bad performance review. 


It is possible that an employer engages in retaliation against a worker for reporting discrimination or other illegal practices. The workplace can face additional legal consequences for engaging in these kinds of behaviors, including lawsuits. Workers cannot be intimidated away from protecting their rights in this manner, which is why there are legal protections.  

Employment lawyers in Weslaco

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